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Monster Slots


Monsters under your bed, monsters in the closet, monsters hanging from your ceiling fan? Don’t worry, these cute monsters are harmless – all they want is to play! But what do monsters like to play? MEGA WINS, BIGGER MAX BETS! FREE!Game Features
► Monster MEGA wins!► 20 Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours► Cute HD graphics, Quality HD sound► Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!► Double Down on slot machine wins with adorable creepy monsters!► Auto-spin, free spins and mini games galore!► Play with cute creatures using boost multiplier! ► Wild-out with Wildcards► iPhone! Yes! Android! Yup! iPad and tablet! Oh Ya! ► Want more great games and cool apps? Check our Other Games► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!
The most adventurous monsters alive are here to spin slots until they drop! These monsters have been sneaking into closets and bedrooms all summer and are here to take the slot world by storm! Did you love slots like Dragon Play, Gladiator Slots and Pharaoh Slot Machine – then you are going to be screaming with Monster Slots!
The clock just struck midnight! You are hanging out with the cutest monsters under the bed! The time has come. You need to find the nearest slot, lead your monster friends there. Hit the BIG WIN so you can party all night long! Are you ready for the best adventure ever! Let’s SPIN!
Monster season is upon us! You didn’t know that monsters have their own season? That’s okay, there is a lot to learn about monsters. For example, did you know that most monsters are super nice? Also, did you know that they are really cuddly? Most important, did you know they go wild doubling down on slots and playing their wild cards?
Monster Slots is the best thing since sliced bread. These cute monsters are going on a worldly adventure to play slots throughout the entire monster season. Join the cutest monsters in the slot world on an HD multi-line slot journey through FREE COINS, WILDCARDS and BIG BETS. But don’t go alone! Call your best friend and play together! Swipe, Download and play now!Here is what some of our Monsters are saying!I love Monsters – this slot is wonderful!Awesome, Fun, love it!My favorite PokieThnx, cool slot!